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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 3, 2020 2:30pm-2:46pm CET

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feel full. this is the day after news asia coming up an abundance of caution. to their fate pakistani students in china are asked to be evacuated from a coronavirus hotspot but the government says no we speak to a student here to see what he thinks. plastic bags convenient for shopping but dangerous for the environment but has
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a company in bangladesh come up with a natural time to. i'm british prime minister welcome to day. it's good to have you with us more than 17000 cases worldwide and at least 360 deaths occurred over this continues to spread with many fearing the peak is yet to arrive but the situation so far has been enough to prompt some countries into evacuating their citizens from china among them south korea japan the united kingdom france germany india and the united states many others are planning evacuations at least one that isn't is pakistan the government says this is in the court larger interests of the region cold comfort particularly for the pakistani students stuck in and around some 800
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of them according to the pakistani embassy in china there have been growing calls in pakistan itself for the government to bring the students back many have been sending social media and video messages asking to be evacuated here is a message from some in the city of jeans or an oz drive from on friday that you know more than 300 pakistanis ahead with us we're appealing to the pakistani government through this. sorry and bunny trust to please get us out of paris soon as possible. don't believe it because we're on dimension. and constant many times in order to please please please rescue us from hand every accident you . similar please are being made by other students in china as well such as this one demanding that the pakistani government step in and help evacuate these students others are criticizing the pakistani government for leaving them in the lurch for
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the 1st time in our life very bad is to say we are from pakistan but are free and the pakistan government has responded to these pleas he knows what it have to say which though. some people may perhaps ask this question because many things have appeared on videos on social media in which people are asking for evacuation. i can show you similar messages to us from wu han in which students have written to us that we are being looked after very well we are being provided with everything and the chinese government is doing so much for us in this regard. a lot of. this while. it is our thinking that it would be better for our loved ones those who are in china and in the larger interests of the region our country and the world
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not to evacuate them at the moment. but since monday regular commercial flights with baathist honest i wouldn't on board have started arriving in pakistan for more on the situation in china i'm joined by baucus i'm a student has now interstate from shamming just south of house 9 thanks for joining us i want to 1st start by asking where you are right now and what is the situation that. yeah i'm his name just see from channing channing is just for 40 minutes or drive from maine at the center or what harm saw me are and very bad condition we are tab and our own and no one from our government is taking responsibility and taking care for us and in my city more than $600.00 cases are confirmed and more than 2000 cases are is that are are to be suspected so the so there is no transport our city is
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totally lost now north korean's no airports we are just jammed in our drones are no one is here to help us but despite that no commercial flights from china have begun landing in barca's than do you think that now you would be able to leave foot park is not. i know that that statement from our has minister is totally wrong because just no i have talked to pakistan and bessie that can we leave shining leave china but there their response was that you current leader who beppo us because who is totally locked down there's north transportation nortons no flights hawk and would you believe from here we are just stabbed here and in one hour joining us to get. our clothes we can't leave it
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one car leave our city even our university and you know us he is getting is asking us to get permission from gohmert and government is asking you current leave from china because you are in an epicenter and our our our blame is that just we are to have an epicenter and recon. from here as the enters the thank you very much for speaking to us and monitoring the situation is transit jilani from d.w. issue he joins me on the line now shows a view hust nan the clearly unsatisfied with the response from the pakistani government what really is the real reason that pakistan doesn't want to evacuate its citizens from china. well as we were just hearing earlier on the official stance is that pakistan does not want the disease to spread it is acting under the
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w.h.o. guidelines. and the chinese have assured them that we will take care of the situation but the real reason we all know is the special relationship between china and pakistan this situation is a real test for the chinese leadership on how it deals with describe says it wants pakistan to play ball and pakistan is saying the trust the chinese dave that our people will be better taken care of there that in pakistan because frankly pakistan's health system is in complete shambles and there's a fear if people start arriving then pakistanis will not be able to contain it what is the response been in pakistan itself to their government's unwillingness to actually evacuate its citizens. the government has been deeply criticized deals have been written commentators on social media have questioned that you know how can you leave your people in this situation we were just heading from has not just the helpless and standard. but boxed on is saying we have to look at
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a bigger picture now imagine if your brother or your son was standard that you pay attention to the government's official point of view not really so many families are perturbed and they are asking the government to have a d think i think we also need to point out here shows if that commercial flights were these are regular commercial flights began landing into pakistan from china some by way of a dollar and it would appear at least from the tweets of the special advisor to the pakistan prime minister on health that that appears to be something the pakistan government is probably sizing and saying that look pakistan is students are coming home is that really what the pakistan government is trying to do. yeah i mean earlier on monday then these flights arrived the government. minister of the chinese investor was there and later both of them addressed a new conference news conference and the chinese ambassador really appreciated
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pakistan's standing shoulder to shoulder with china so the 2 governments are clearly trying to put a united stance reacted front saying we're in this together and they're appreciating each other meanwhile these students are our standard and their families are deeply devoted and pottstown what precautions is august on taking to prevent the spread of the virus well the. gil get back to start on goldman which is the northern region which borders china it was just dual to reopen last week the government has decided to no keep it closed until april so they want to restrict. people coming in and going out this is the gateway for the project to join up pakistan corridor which the 2 countries have spent billions and so the government is saying we are taking those kind of precautions they have also alerted health facilities and doctors but clearly if china and other countries can deal with
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distant pakistan has to be vetted about how to tackle this problem. thank you very much for the. bunker the cities are drowning in plastic by some estimates as much as 64 percent of the plastic waste generated in open areas and either in landfill or in the bay of bengal it's an issue the government is aware of and way back in 2002 it banned the use of plastic and polythene bags the ban has had little impact prompting the search for. a typical weekend at one of jack is food markets the fish stores there is busy as usual. and the approach is wrapped and sold in plastic also as usual. on the back are not like us not when these bags are available everywhere that's why we use the if we get different ones we'll
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use those yes customers should bring their own bags or baskets but they don't where . they sell. such attitudes is slow to change even though the problems posed by plastic packaging a clear for all to see with rivers and lakes bearing the brunt of pollution authorities here have struggled to eradicate the use of plastic bags but now a viable alternative could be emerging made from jute and natural plant based fiber . is completely biodegradable compostable and water soluble after some time. we can produce eggs that last as long as anyone could want. to get the bag ready for sale it's had to undergo a series of trials testing things like water resistance and how it reacts to fire.
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the bags probably seen like finish comes from cellulose taken from the jute fibers . ok have a moment 1st we bleach till it's white then we extract cellulose from it we process the cellulose to make it water soluble then we use a chemical with it as a binder which produces a solution this is the solution from which we finally produce the bag. at the moment the bag is only being made on a trial basis the next step will be to scale up production levels and seek out foreign investment. that's the way to do it dissolving plastic problems that's it for now head over to our web site did have a dot com forward slash to the show online and for other stories from the region. that's a phenomenal even now with images from the city of 11000000 in locked up in the
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coronavirus a brick thank you for watching we'll see you next time come on. what secrets lie behind the small. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. p.w. world heritage 360 get the map now. lacks
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conspired to change the people making the go africa the fantastic night. join them as they set out to save the environment learn from one another and work together for a better future. caught stealing all putting it. on t w. the for. the for the coronavirus wives hundreds of billions of dollars all the value of chinese companies beijing accuses washington of whipping up how to handle the asian exchanges is clear to see. how asian business is a dealing with the operate this is hitting the global supply chain. some of the travel industry boiled demand the list goes on. and the pound stinks of the bars
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johnson threatens to walk out of new trades hopes he reckons the u.k. can be the superman of free trade. and that's your business the coronavirus will have a deep impact on the chinese economy the government has locked down and 16 other cities in who bay province but the real effect is now becoming clear as workers return for the lunar new year holiday china's finished building one of the emergency hospital set up specifically to battle the virus thousands of people work day and night to assemble the prefabricated buildings in just 10 days the hospital has a 1000 beds is located in the epicenter of the outbreak. that is the death toll jumps above 360 china has made an urgent call for medical dia and mosques the situation on the stock exchange also looks to have. chinese stocks plunged 9 percent on their 1st day of trading after an extended lunar new year holiday.


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